Bama State Style

The reality show “Bama State Style” features Alabama State University’s famous Mighty Marching Hornets – the esteemed marching band known throughout the collegiate world for their amazing mashups and dance collaboration with Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards. The series begins as five candidates audition for the season’s top position: head drum major. Meanwhile, the gorgeous Stingettes and the plus-sized Honey Beez kick off their seasons with a bang.

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Season 1: Episode 108

The FInal March

The Mighty Marching Hornets scramble to prepare for the biggest event of the season: The Magic City Classic, where the …

Season 1: Episode 107


Percussionist Michael Floyd leads his crew in the annual Drumline Competition, hoping to bring home a trophy and prove his …

Season 1: Episode 106

Midnight Madness

The Mighty Marching Hornets are spread thin with two performances in one week. Dr. Oliver looks to find a true …

Season 1: Episode 105

A Mighty March

The Drum Majors are in disarray from last week’s restructure, and the band struggles with the inconsistency in leadership during …

Season 1: Episode 104

The Title Snatch

As ASU gears up for its first away game, Head Drum Major Bruce finds his title on the line, and …

Season 1: Episode 103

The Honey Beez Auditionz

It’s Faith and Family week at ASU, and the world famous Honey Beez find themselves holding an emergency audition when …

Season 1: Episode 102

Shaking The Tree

After walking off the field in front of the entire school, a former Drum Major pleads his case to stay …

Season 1: Episode 101

The Price of Glory

The season begins for Alabama State University’s Marching Hornets as five candidates audition for the season’s top position: Head Drum …