For Richer or Poorer

After four years of marriage, Aubrey and Kya’s relationship undergoes upheaval when Aubrey loses his six-figure job. Kya resents the change in her standard of living and the fact that she is now the breadwinner.

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Season 1: Episode 106

Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby

Kya and Aubrey decide they may want to start a family, but first they decide to get a fake baby …

Season 1: Episode 105

You’re Perfect, Now Change

Kya puts a bid on a house before telling Aubrey. He finds out and plays a trick on her until …

Season 1: Episode 104

Me & Mrs. Jonesy

Carson falls for Jonesy when she returns to the barbershop to apologize to Deshaun. They hit it off and immediately …

Season 1: Episode 103

She Trusts Me, She Trusts Me Not

Aubrey gets a new financial job but his boss, Theresa, is expecting a more “personal favor” for a promotion he …

Season 1: Episode 102

The Switch

Kya’s consignment business takes off. She’s getting more exposure than ever, and making money. She treats Aubrey to a few …

Season 1: Episode 101

The Ex Files

Aubrey and Kya have just moved into their new apartment and while they are going down memory lane, they each …