In Living Color

The sketch comedy series is largely known as the launching pad for the careers of Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, and Tommy Davidson as well as Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Ann Inaba, who were part of the show’s “Fly Girl” dancers.

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Season 5: Episode 526

Ep. 26

Season 5: Episode 525

The Scary Larry Show

Sketches include: “Rush And Al’s Greatest Hits,” “Cheap Pete At The Carnival,” “Loomis Simmons,” “The Scary Larry Show,” and “East …

Season 5: Episode 524

Ace and Main Man Meet Salt N Pepa

Season 5: Episode 523

Candy Cane’s Last Show

Sketches include: Rap Masterpiece Theatre,” “Candy Cane’s Last Show,” “Grandpa & Duke: A Time for Love,” and “Family Dozens.”

Season 5: Episode 522

Sweet Tooth Jones

Sketches include: “Driving Down the Street,” “Sweet Tooth Jones,” “Ed Bacon: Guidance Counselor,” and “Wanda meets Luther Vandross.”

Season 5: Episode 521

Infomercial Awards

Sketches include: “Vista Commercial,” “Wile E. Coyote’s Mall Appearance,” “Infomercial Awards,” “All Up in the Family: Gay Barney,” “Deronda and …

Season 5: Episode 520


Sketches include: “Dr Kervorkian’s Book,” “Thugs,” “Proud Gay Man at a Burger Joint,” “Sweet Tooth Jones,” and “Great Moments In …

Season 5: Episode 519

Dirty Dozens Tournament of Champions

Sketches include: “Risky Business II,” “Carl ‘The Tooth’ Williams,” “Dirty Dozens Tournament Of Champions,” and “San Fransisco.”

Season 5: Episode 518

Mrs. Ikefire

Sketchs include: “Mrs Ikefire,” “Dirty Dozens Home Game,” “East Hollywood Squares,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” and “Background Guy at the Beach.”

Season 5: Episode 517

The White League

Sketches include: “The White League,” “Funky Finger Productions,” “Wanna Man,” Ace And Main Man,” “Tonya Harding,” “Master Piece Theater.”

Season 5: Episode 516

Hemorrhoid Guy

Sketches include Tonya Harding,” “Wanda and her ugly girlfriend Judy trap men during a snowstorm,” “Hemorrhoid Guy,” “All Up In …

Season 5: Episode 515

East Hollywood Squares

Sketches include “Marlee Matlin,” “Cheap Pete,” “AWF’s Main Event,” and “East Hollywood Squares.”

Season 5: Episode 514

The Gangsta Group

Sketches include: “Background Guy,” “Gangsta Group,” “Sister Act 3: This Ain’t Kosher,” “Duke And Cornbread Turner,” and “The Guy Who …

Season 5: Episode 513

Wheel of Dozens

Sketches include: “Joe Jackson’s Never Neverland Sale,” “Wheel Of Dozens,” “Mr. Armstrong,” “Rhonda Hightower,” and “Black Andy Rooney.”

Season 5: Episode 512

Mary Tyler Mo

ketches include “Mary Tyler Mo,” “Loomis Simmons Custom Built Condoms,” “Irish Singer visits the homeless,” “Geraldo meets black children that …

Season 5: Episode 511

Umbilical Barry

Sketches include “Sammy And Bill,” “Carl The Tooth Williams,” “Pavoroti,” “Vera Demilo,” “Black Menedez Brothers,” “Lorena Bobbit,” and “Umbilical Barry.”

Season 5: Episode 510

Wile E Coyote On Trial

Sketches include: “Background Guy,” “Wile E. Coyote in court,” “Candy Cane,” “Go On Girl,” and “Honey Mooners ’93: Ralph practices …

Season 5: Episode 509

All Up In The Family

Sketches include: “Rush And Al’s Can’t We All Just Sweat Along,” “All Up In The Family: Archie meets Gloria’s Boyfriend,” …

Season 5: Episode 508

Sam Kinston: Live From Hell

Sketches include “Wanda tries to break in to the house of possible father for her baby,” “AT&T Frequent Caller Plan,” …

Season 5: Episode 507

Circus Of The Black Stars

ketches include: “Wanda searches for father of her baby part 1,” “Fire Marshall Bill visits a magic show,” “Circus Of …

Season 5: Episode 506

Droop! There It Is

Sketches include: “Droop! There It Is,” “Black Andy Rooney,” “Rush And Al’s,” “Background Guy meets Background Girl in the news …

Season 5: Episode 505

The Irish Singer

Sketches include: “L.A. Riot,” “NBA Harasser,” “Irish Singer,” “Wanda hires a private investigator to find her baby’s daddy,” “Anorexic Sumo …

Season 5: Episode 503

Ike Turner and Hooch

Sketches include: “Ike Turner And Hooch,” “Honey Mooners ’93,” “Snow,” “Cheap Pete,” and “Ace And Main Man.”

Season 5: Episode 502

The Dirty Dozens

Sketches include: “Michael Jackson,” “The Dirty Dozens,” “Revival Olympics,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” and “Ball Park Breast Implants.”

Season 5: Episode 501

Ike Strikes Back

Sketches include: “Ike Strikes Back,” “Wanda,” “Sammy,” “Seinfeld – Ace And Main Man,” and “Russell Simmons Def Strawberry Jam.”

Season 4: Episode 426

In Living Color’s Feedback Line

Sketches include: “Joe Jackson,” “In Living Color’s Feedback Line,” “Lashawn,” “Carl The Tooth Williams,” “Funky Finger Productions,” and “Why?.”

Season 4: Episode 425

Bunny Clive

Sketches include: “Duke And Cornbread Turner,” “Vera Demilo,” “Snack N Shack,” “Bunny Clive,” and “Dysfunctional Home Show.”

Season 4: Episode 424

Thelma and Louise Jefferson

David is the worst children’s birthday entertainer, singing inappropriate songs. The phone lady doesn’t let a fire, childcare or burglars …

Season 4: Episode 423

Undigable Hosts

Season 4: Episode 422

Stacy Koon’s Police Acadamy

Sketches include: “P.S.A.: You Can’t Dance,” “Lonny Anderson,” “Stacy Koon’s Police Academy,” “Proud Gay Guy,” and “Snucky.”

Season 4: Episode 421

Black People Show

Sketches include “Black Barbara Striesand,” “Al Macafee,” “Lashawn,” “Black People Show,” and “Stereotype Lady.”

Season 4: Episode 420

Rodney King

Season 4: Episode 419

Mr. Rogers

Sketches include: Reginald Denny,” “Another Moment In Black History” “Al Sharpton,” “P.S.A.,” “Mr. Rogers,” and “Black Bunkers.”

Season 4: Episode 418

Duke and Cornbread Turner

Sketches include: “Weezies,” “A Different Message,” “Why?,” “Super Dave,” “Charles Bronson,” and “Duke And Cornbread Turner.”

Season 4: Episode 417

Passenger 227

Sketches include: “Boyz 2 Wimps,” “Wanda With En Vouge,” “Passenger 227,” “Background Guy,” and “Dysfunctional Homeshow.”

Season 4: Episode 416

Dirty Little Dick

Sketches include: “Joe Jackson,” “Thigh Master,” “Geraldo,” “Rodney Dangerfield,” Mr. And Mrs. Brooks,” “Calhoun Tubbs,” and “Dirty Little Dick.”

Season 4: Episode 415

Forever Silky

ketches include: “Oswald Bates,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” “Forever Silky,” “Lashawn,” and “P.S.A.”

Season 4: Episode 414

The Info Group

Sketches include “Alive II,” “Loomis Simmons,” “The Info Group,” “Cops – Stacy Koon,” “Men on Fitness.”

Season 4: Episode 413

Capital Hillbillies

Sketches include: “Capital Hillbilies,” “Ross Perot,” “Tales From The Crib,” “Amy Fisher,” “Benita Butrell,” and “You Bet You Life.”

Season 4: Episode 412

Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show

Sketches include: “Vera Demilo,” “Why?,” “Mr. and Mrs. Brooks,” “Cousin Elsee,” “The Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show,” “The Bodyguard.”

Season 4: Episode 411

Driving Miss Shott

Sketches include: “Driving Miss Shott,” “Why?,” “Benita Butrell,” “Ice Poe,” “Al Macafee,” and “Cephus And Reese.”

Season 4: Episode 410

Gays In The Military

Sketches include: “Deon Warwick,” “Madonna,” “Wanda,” “Gays In The Military,” and “Lil’ Magic.”

Season 4: Episode 409

Men on Cooking

Prince Of Munchkin Land Mr & Mrs Brooks’ Thanksgiving Candy Cane’s Puppet-Time Theater Men On Cooking Mary J Blige

Season 4: Episode 408

Handi-Man Returns

Sketches include “Anonymous Express,” “Handi Man,” “Wanda,” and “Loomis Simmons.”

Season 4: Episode 407

Homey and Son

Season 4: Episode 406

Anton Returns

Season 4: Episode 405

Trail Mix A Lot

Season 4: Episode 404

Black People Awards

Sketches include: “Vanessa Williams,” “Jay Leno,” “Lori Davis Beauty System,” “Black People’s Awards,” and “George Hamilton Luggage.”

Season 4: Episode 403

Mr. & Mrs. Brooks

Sketches include: “MTV Political Coverage Cousin Elsee,” “Woody Allen: Date the Children,” and “Mr. & Mrs. Brooks.” Close featuring Gang …

Season 4: Episode 402

Basic Instank/Instinct

Kelly and Alexandra portray first ladies Hillary and Barbara taking on each other in bikinis. Jim is the psychic Kreskin …

Season 4: Episode 401

Rodney King/Reginald Denny

Fireman Bob shows up at a grocery store and things take a bad turn. Miss Lattrell takes front seat at …

Season 3: Episode 330

Homeboy Shopping Network

Season 3: Episode 329

Men on Football

Damon and Keenan become the Al Sharpton/Louis Farrakhan Comedy Hour. Jamie is a burglar who robs a film noir Kelly. …

Season 3: Episode 328


Bloopers from episodes from the last three seasons.

Season 3: Episode 327

Michael Bolton

Entire show devoted to music video parodies from Vanilla Ice to Paula Abdul to Rick James. Highlights include “Michael Jackson” …

Season 3: Episode 326

Anton Gets Rich

ketches include: “Hammer,” “Sharpton and Farrakhan,” “One Night Stand,” “”Rescue Whenever” and “Anton Gets Rich.”

Season 3: Episode 325

Wanda On The Dating Game

Sketches include: “Oswald Bates,” “Super Clyde: The World’s first African American Daredevil,” “The Head Detective,” and “The Dating Game.”

Season 3: Episode 324

Silly Cone

Sketches include: “Crazy Tom’s,” “Benita Butrell,” “Lashawn,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” and “Silly Cone.”

Season 3: Episode 323

Cousin Elsee

Sketches include: “Crazy Polident,” “Les And Wes,” and “Cousin Elsee.”

Season 3: Episode 322

The Last Man on Earth

Jim Carrey borrows coffee from crazed Kelly Park. Keenan and Damon are unique brothers playing an odd game of 20,000 …

Season 3: Episode 321

Player’s Club

Sketches include: “Players Club,” “Homey D. Clown,” “Snack N Shack,” and “Environment Guy On Art.

Season 3: Episode 320

Rodney King

Sketches include: “Career Aid,” “Lashawn,” “Handi Man Part 2 of 2,” and “Anton And Rita Get A Green Card.”

Season 3: Episode 319

Club Ozone

Skethces include: “Richard Simmons,” “Al Macafee,” “Benita Butrell,” “Men On Vacation,” and “Club Ozone.”

Season 3: Episode 318

The Fist That Rocks The Cradle

Sketches include: “Elvis,” “The Fist That Rocks The Cradle,” “Men’s Wilderness group meeting,” “House Party 3 with Teddy Kennedy,” and …

Season 3: Episode 317

Hour of Power: Preachers on Trial

Sally Struthers makes an appeal to feed the hungry while eating fried chicken. The preachers have dubious expenses to explain …

Season 3: Episode 316

George Bush Meets Tommy Wu

Mr. Rear makes an appearance. Jim Carrey becomes Don Rickles insulting a variety of nations with stereotypes at the United …

Season 3: Episode 315

Grim Reaper

Connie Chung getting amorous in the bedroom is portrayed. Rick James attends a Lamaze class. Jim Carrey as The Grim …

Season 3: Episode 314

Michael Jackson: Am I Black or White?

Sketches include: “Michael Jackson,” “Handi Man Part 1 Of 2,” “Funky Finger Productions,” and “Darnel Bond.”

Season 3: Episode 313

Santa Fire Marshall Bill

Sketches include: “Equity Express Card,” “Great Moments In Black History,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” “Tommy Wu,” “Homey D Clown,” and “Ebony …

Season 3: Episode 312

Sidekick In Nam

Skethces include: “HBO’s Tired Comedy Night,” “The Cosby Condom,” “Lil Magic,” “Testy Shields,” “Wanda,” and “Side Kick In Nam.”

Season 3: Episode 311

Anton and The Reporter

Sketches include: “Jimmy Swaggart,” “Anton And The Reporter,” “Calhoun Tubbs,” and “Benita Butrell.”

Season 3: Episode 310

My Left Foot of Fury

Sketches include: “My Left Foot Of Fury,” “Wilt Chamberlain Wall,” “Frenchie,” “Skully,” and “Men On Film.”

Season 3: Episode 309

Krishnia Cop

Sketches include: “David Duke,” “Krishna Cop,” “Bill Benson,” “48 Hours, Again,” “Oswald Bates,” “Crystal Waters,” and “Head Detective.”

Season 3: Episode 308

Late Night with Mike Tyson

Sketches include: “Paula Abdul,” “Les & Wes,” “Mike Tyson Show,” “Stereotype Woman,” and “Timbuk.”

Season 3: Episode 307

The Jackson Bunch

Sketches include: “Environment Guy,” “Ice Poe” “The Jackson Bunch,” “D.A.R.E.,” and “Sam And Samantha Kinison.”

Season 3: Episode 306

Home Alone Again

Sketches include: “Minute Maiden,” “Vera Demilo,” “Coyote Ugly Escape Kit,” “The Brothers Brothers,” “Adopt A TV Child,” “Home Alone Again,” …

Season 3: Episode 305

The Adventures of Handi-Boy

Sketches include: “Clarence Thomas,” “Construction Guys,” “Snack N Shack,” “Cephus And Reese,” “Lizzy’s,” “Handi Boy,” and “Prison Cable Network.”

Season 3: Episode 304

Green Eggs and The Guvment Cheese

Sketches include: “Jesse Jackson Children’s Books,” “Hey Mon,” “Funky Finger Productions,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” and “LL Cool JJ.”

Season 3: Episode 303

Clarance Thomas’ First Day

Sketches include: “Clarence Thomas,” “Rocketeer,” “Al Macafee,” “Butt-Out Jeans,” “Benita Butrell,” and “Anton’s Play.”

Season 3: Episode 302

Men on Television Part 2: What Happened to Blaine?

Blaine remains a manly man after the blow to his head to Antoine’s distress. Jim Carrey does an older Kung-fu …

Season 3: Episode 301

Homey the Sellout: Part 2

Kim Wayans is a semi-talented child actress auditioning. A skit imagines what an Oprah owned restaurant would be like. Damon …

Season 2: Episode 226

Best of Compliation/Men on Vacation

Sketches include: “Amazing Grace – Rocky VI,” “Vera De Milo: Veracosa, Mistress of Destruction,” “Mudhead’s Funeral,” “Men On Vacation,” and …

Season 2: Episode 225

Best of/Anton At the Recruiter

Season 2: Episode 224

Homey The Sellout: Part 1

Sketches include: “Lil Magic: The Audition,” “Oprah’s Restaurant,” “Homey the Clown: Homey the Sellout,” and “Men on Television.”

Season 2: Episode 223

Arsenio Hall of Justice

Sketches include: “Detective Head Goes Bowling,” “Handi Man’s Evil Twin,” and “The Arsenio Hall of Justice.” Close: Ice Cube and …

Season 2: Episode 222


Best Of episode of “In Living Color.” Sketches include: “Three Champs and a Little Lady,” “Black Like You,” “New Ambassador,” …

Season 2: Episode 221

Dickie Peterson: Cherub of Justice

Sketches include: “Dickie Peterson: Secret Service,” “A New 911 Message Service,” “Frenchie at the Opera,” “Velma Sings,” and “Visiting Day …

Season 2: Episode 220

Super Fly

Kelly Park is Lil Miss Trouble encouraging Damon to run away from home. A feminine hygiene commercial is parodied. Kelly …

Season 2: Episode 219

Hour of Power: Tag Team Evangalists

Sketches include: “Velma II,” “Cephus & Reesie: Last Request,” “Do You Feel Lucky Promo,” “The 595 Club,” and “Vera DeMilo: …

Season 2: Episode 218

Lil Magic’s School Play

The Brothers brothers join country club, Oprah – Your brain on drugs, Football coach hires a choreographer to help with …

Season 2: Episode 217

PCN’s Win, Lose or Draw

Sketches include: “Win, Lose or Draw,” “Milk Commercial,” “Pentagon Briefing,” “Calhoun Tubbs on the Campaign Trail,” “The Great Sperm Bank …

Season 2: Episode 216

Anton in the Burbs

Sketches include: “Ejector Bed,” “Frenchie at a Bachelor Party,” “Lonny Parker, Attorney at Law,” “Les and Wes, Twin Stars,” and …

Season 2: Episode 215

My Dark Conscience

Kim is Benita Buttrell, block captain, who knows all the local gossip. Jim does an excellent Vanilla Ice parody. Damon …

Season 2: Episode 213

Johnny Abdul

Sketches include: “The Brothers Brothers: Tom and Tom for the Arizona Tourism Commission,” “Johnny Abdul – Saudi Rock Star,” “The …

Season 2: Episode 212


Sketches include: “Vera DeMilo: Veracosa, Mistress of Destruction,” “Cephus & Reesie: Christmas Album,” “Lil Miss Trouble at the Museum,” and …

Season 2: Episode 211

Justice Legions of America

Sketches include: “Three Champs and a Little Lady,” “The Newlywed Game,” “The Good Behavior Variety Hour Show,” and “Handi Man.”

Season 2: Episode 209

Men on Vacation

Kelly and Jim play an urban family being evicted when their dog saves them. Kim becomes Grace Jones boxing Jim’s …

Season 2: Episode 208

Laquita Meets Billy Dee

Sketches include: “Magenta’s Acting School,” “Foundation for Golf Heritage,” “Evelyn Smith,” and “Laquita Sings the Blues.”

Season 2: Episode 207

Funky Finger Productions

Keenen Ivory Wayans finds SW1 with an entourage, B. S. Brothers: Penitentiary IV, Iraqi Fashion Show, Lil Miss Trouble: The …

Season 2: Episode 206

The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Balck Woman

Keenen Ivory Wayans introduces musical guest Heavy D and the Boyz from his dressing room, Hey Mon / Hedley Court, …

Season 2: Episode 205

Miss Black Person USA

Keenen Ivory Wayans comes out and is quickly approached by the B.S. Brothers, The Brothers Brothers / Black Like You …

Season 2: Episode 203

Spike’s Joint

Sketches include: “Flatuscents,” “Good Morning/Good Night,” “Cephus & Reesie’s Broadway Tour,” “The Buttmans: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” and “Spike’s …

Season 2: Episode 202

Anton at the Recruiter

Keenen Ivory Wayans brings out a local radio contest winner before kicking off the show: Anton Volunteers, Training Men the …

Season 1: Episode 113

Homey D Clown Returns

Homey D. Clown at the carnival, Benita Butrell gossips with new neighbor, Michael Winslow – A One Man Show, Samantha …

Season 1: Episode 112


A hypnotized man can’t stop clucking like a chicken after the hypnotist drops dead; Ray Charles in Charge; Lil Richard’s …

Season 1: Episode 111

Anton In The People’s Court

The Brothers Brothers, M.C. Hammer Video, Cine-Globe, Calhoun Tubbs, Ted Turners’ Very Colorized Classics – The Kid, and Anton on …

Season 1: Episode 109

Introducing…Homey D. Clown

Home Boy Seminar, America’s Funniest Security Camera Videos, Andrea Dice Clay, Hey Mon – flight crew, and Homey D. Clown …

Season 1: Episode 108

Endangered Species

President Jesse Jackson press conference, The Mayweathers greatest hits, Joan Embery on the Tonight Show with a specimen of Home …

Season 1: Episode 107

Don King: The Early Years

Sketches include: “Don King: The Early Years,” “Cookin’ With Salt n’ Pepa,” “Hey Mon/West Indian Sitcom,” “Ted Turner’s Very Colorized …

Season 1: Episode 106

Jher’s Kids

Sketches include: “Bad Karate Class,” “Greshan Formula,” “Jheri’s Kids,” “The Making of a Tracy Chapman Song,” “Oppression,” and “Snackin’ Shack.”

Season 1: Episode 105

A Date With Grace Jones

Sketches include: “Three Champs and a Baby,” “New Ambassador,” “A Date With Grace,” “Hefty World Condominium Estates,” “Homeboy Shopping Network: …

Season 1: Episode 104


Sketches include: “Oprah,” “The Exxxon Family,” “Great Moments in Black History: Self-Service Gas Station,” “Jim Carrey Transition,” “Rhythmless Nation,” “Anton,” …

Season 1: Episode 102

The Wrath of Farrakhan

Sketches include: “Do-It-Yourself Milli Vanilli Kit,” “Arsenio and Marion Barry,” “Rap Choir,” “Sugar Ray Leonard Transition,” “The Wrath of Farrakhan,” …

Season 1: Episode 101


Sketches include: “Love Connection,” “Great Moments in Black History: First Black Man on the Moon,” “Homeboy Shopping Network,” “Redd Foxx …