Julia Baker is a young African-American woman working as a nurse. She is also a widow (her husband died in Vietnam) trying to raise a young son alone. Julia is the first weekly series to depict an African American woman in a non-stereotypical role.

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Season 3: Episode 326

Anyone For Tenants?

“Julia and Marie search for a way – any way – to stop their landlord from selling the apartment house …

Season 3: Episode 325

The Gender Trap

The women’s lib bug hits Julia.

Season 3: Episode 324

Anniversary Faults

Is Julia going to elope?

Season 3: Episode 323

Swing Low Sweet Charity

Corey and Earl meet Capt. Blastoff on a telethon

Season 3: Episode 322

Paper Tigers

A contest the kids entered has everyone madly collecting old newspapers.

Season 3: Episode 321

Corey’s High Q

Julia is upset over Corey’s IQ rating it’s so high, he may be sent away to a private school.

Season 3: Episode 320

Strictly For The Birds

Julia’s household is upset by a family of nesting birds.

Season 3: Episode 319

Courting Time

“Mixed emotions over a court case. It’s Steve’s first prosecution: the defendant is Julia’s cousin.”

Season 3: Episode 318

Toast Melba

A comic look at how not to slow down an overworked husband.

Season 3: Episode 317

Cool Hand Bruce

Steve goes out dancing while Julia types for him at home

Season 3: Episode 316

Cousin Of The Bride

Corey wants to know how babies are made

Season 3: Episode 315

Kids Is A Four Letter Word

Corey is acting out and using swear words.

Season 3: Episode 314

Two For The Toad

Hiding a pet frog is giving Corey problems.

Season 3: Episode 313

That New Black Magic

A homey tale about a youngster’s birthday party.

Season 3: Episode 312

Essay Can You See

In order to win a color TV, Corey enters an essay contest by writing about his late father.

Season 3: Episode 311

Parents Can Be Pains

Julia considers the question of when to leave the kids alone.

Season 3: Episode 310

Smoke Scream

A message show about an anti-smoking campaign.

Season 3: Episode 309

Long Time No Ski

As Julia’s romance with Steve progresses, so does son Corey’s jealousy.

Season 3: Episode 308

Bowled Over

Julia takes up bowling to score a hit with Steve.

Season 3: Episode 307

Magna Cum Lover

“Julia regards Steve Bruce as just a friend until her housekeeper sets her sights on him.”

Season 3: Episode 306

Kim An’ Horror

Julia tries to convince her son that girls are human, too

Season 3: Episode 305

Tanks Again

In Las Vegas, Julia fills in for Tank’s ailing vocalist

Season 3: Episode 304

Altar Ego

Hannah has a case of wedding jitters

Season 3: Episode 303

Little Boys Lost

“Ever take the kids on a car trip? Watch Julia on her disastrous trek to Nevada.”

Season 3: Episode 302

Half Past Sick

“The doctor orders Julia to rest up. But reckons without her well meaning friends”

Season 3: Episode 301

Ready, Aim, Fired!

“Hannah Yarby’s (Lurene Tuttle) wedding plans save Julia from getting the sack from her job.”

Season 2: Episode 230

Bunny Hug

“Hannah Yarby is beside herself with anticipation trepidation. The eligible widower she met in Rome is coming for a visit.”

Season 2: Episode 229

Absence Makes The Heart Glow

Three mini-melodramas involving the Julia, Dr. Chegley and Corey.

Season 2: Episode 228

The Switch Sitters

Strange happenings mar the daily lives of Julia and Dr. Chegley.

Season 2: Episode 227

Corey For President

Corey and Earl compete for class president.

Season 2: Episode 225

The Divine Devine – Part 1

Julia’s starry-eyed cousin Sara, is in town to launch her acting career. She’s determined to succeed, despite Julia’s down-to-earth warnings.

Season 2: Episode 224

I’ll Be Yours

While Corey vacations in Kansas, Julia suffers a siege of loneliness. She’s forgetful, listless and quite uninterested in two suitors …

Season 2: Episode 223

Sara’s Second Part – Part II

An actor comes between Julia and Sara, but Cousin Sara’s pursuit of stardom just might be stronger.

Season 2: Episode 223

Charley’s Chance

Julia’s vacation creates chaos for Dr. Chegley and landlord Cooper

Season 2: Episode 222

Gone With The Whim

Corey and Earl compete for the attention of a new friend.

Season 2: Episode 221

Call Me By My Rightful Number

Julia deals with a jealous neighbor and a zealous efficiency expert.

Season 2: Episode 220

Father Of The Bribe

A mistaken phone call leads to diagnosis of a child’s disease.

Season 2: Episode 219

Charity Begins With Chegley

Julia tussles with stubborn pride when she tries to help the Gomez family and their sick child. The father refuses …

Season 2: Episode 218

Sioux Me – Don’t Woo Me

Julia searches for a stand-in father to attend Corey’s club meeting.

Season 2: Episode 217

The Jolly Green Midget

Corey insists he’s seen a green man with antennae.

Season 2: Episode 216

The Dates Of Wrath

Julia’s beaus vie for her favor. When one appears to have an edge, the other resorts to trickery to even …

Season 2: Episode 215

The Prisoner Of Brenda

“Julia copes with kooks: Brenda the baby sitter and Stanley the maintenance man.”

Season 2: Episode 214

Temper Also Fugits

Julia Baker is a young African-American woman working as a nurse. She is also a widow (her husband died in …

Season 2: Episode 213

Hilda’s No Help

Dr. Chegley’s uncle pays them a visit.

Season 2: Episode 212

So’s Your Old Uncle

Julia must entertain Leonard’s bumbling sister Hilda.

Season 2: Episode 211

The Eve Of Adam

Julia must choose between a better job and her friends.

Season 2: Episode 210

The Grass Is Sometimes Greener

A blind date involves Julia in a fight against prejudice

Season 2: Episode 209

Romeo And Julia

An artist romanticizes life for Corey.

Season 2: Episode 208

Tie Wolf!

Julia gets herself wound up in a string of problems, an overly aggressive suitor, her frantic search for a baby …

Season 2: Episode 207

You Can’t Beat Drums

“Ever have a budding drummer in the neighborhood? Julia’s neighbor is driving her crazy.”

Season 2: Episode 206

For Whom The Wedding Bell Tolls

Tank Blue, leader of a combo giving a local concert is pressuring Julia to her their friendship. Why? To get …

Season 2: Episode 205

Tanks For The Memory

Julia’s problem: a teenage boy has a crush on her.

Season 2: Episode 204

Two’s A Family, Three’s A Crowd

“Corey jumps to adoption conclusions when his mother brings a little girl home.”

Season 2: Episode 203

The Undergraduate

Julia hires a new mother’s helper, then worries that he’s working too hard.

Season 2: Episode 202

The Wheel Deal

Everybody has advice about what car Julia should buy

Season 2: Episode 201

A Tale Of Two Sitters

“Confusion descends on Julia as she seeks a new baby sitter and deals with Dr. Chegley’s replacement – his 92 …

Season 1: Episode 130

Love Is A Many-Sighted Thing

Julia’s husband-hunting friend has flipped for Ted, Julia’s guy.

Season 1: Episode 129

The Doctor’s Dilemma

Julia has to balance two crises, including her doctor being sick.

Season 1: Episode 128

Gone With The Draft

Julia’s housekeeper deserts her.

Season 1: Episode 127

A Baby’s A Nice Nuisance

Earl moves in with Julia and Corey.

Season 1: Episode 126

Home Of The Braves

Julia searches for a father figure for Corey.

Season 1: Episode 125

It Takes Two To Tangle

Julia becomes a fund-raiser for the hospital.

Season 1: Episode 124

I Thought I Saw A Two-Timer

Julia must decide whether to tattle on Marie’s husband.

Season 1: Episode 123

Cupid’s No Computer

Julia tries her hand at matchmaking.

Season 1: Episode 122

Wanda Means Well

Waggedorn’s sister Wanda meets a black person for the first time.

Season 1: Episode 121

A Little Chicken Soup Never Hurt Anybody

The landlord won’t say why he won’t come out of his apartment.

Season 1: Episode 120

Sticks And Stones Can Break My Pizza

Name-calling becomes a problem at work and at home.

Season 1: Episode 119

How To Keep Your Wig Warm

Marie has a plan to jumpstart her marriage.

Season 1: Episode 118

Dancer In The Dark

A football player and black militant becomes the target of Julia’s recruiting efforts at work.

Season 1: Episode 117

Matchmaker, Break Me A Match

Julia’s date wants to borrow money from her.

Season 1: Episode 116

How Sharper Than A Baby’s Tooth

Corey refuses to go to the dentist and it’s not because he’s afraid.

Season 1: Episode 115

The One And Only Genuine, Original Family Uncle

Uncle Lou comes to visit.

Season 1: Episode 114

I’m Dreaming Of A Black Christmas

Julia’s friends pitch in to make Corey’s Christmas a happy one.

Season 1: Episode 113

Designers Don’t Always Have Designs

An engineer seems the perfect match for Julia.

Season 1: Episode 112

The Solid Brass Snow Job

Julia’s friends pitch in to make Corey’s Christmas a happy one.

Season 1: Episode 111

Farewell, My Friends, Hello

A salesman has more success impressing Corey than he does Julia.

Season 1: Episode 110

Paint Your Waggedom

Corey learns a lesson in bigotry.

Season 1: Episode 109

Too Good To Be Bad

Two attempts at matchmaking involve Julia.

Season 1: Episode 108

The Champ Is No Chump

Julia appears on a game show to compete for a date with the boxing champion.

Season 1: Episode 107

Am I, Pardon The Expression, Blacklisted?

Julia’s clearance papers seem to have encountered a delay.

Season 1: Episode 106

Who’s A Freud Of Ginger Wolfe?

Julia becomes concerned that Corey’s school paintings carry a deeper subliminal message.

Season 1: Episode 105

The Unloneliest Night Of The Week

The Waggedorn children and Julia’s husband’s friend from the Army arrive at the same time.

Season 1: Episode 104

Homework Isn’t Housework

To address the problem of leaving the house unattended while she works, Julia hires domestic help. But she spends most …

Season 1: Episode 103

Sorry, Right Number

Julia’s first day at work goes better than the day at her house.

Season 1: Episode 102

The Interview

Julia enters phase two of her job-hunting task: an interview with the clinic’s cantankerous Dr. Chegley. The nurse’s high hopes …

Season 1: Episode 101

Mamma’s Man

Julia Baker is a young African-American woman working as a nurse. She is also a widow (her husband died in …