Mommy Uncensored

The Bernie Mac Show meets The New Adventures of Old Christine in “Mommy Uncensored,” a web series that chronicles stay-at-home mom Karen Wright’s uncharted journey through the crazy realities of motherhood. Based on real mommy experiences, Karen’s unorthodox approach to motherhood often puts her in hilarious situations with each episode resulting in her sharing her innermost feelings and insecurities confessional-style in the one place she can find refuge — the bathroom.

Show creator and producer Charity Jordan stars in this hilarious yet sometimes dramatic salute to all mothers around the world who have come to the realization that Claire Huxtable made it look a lot easier than it really is.

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Season 1: Episode 101

Pilot-Mommy Uncensored

Every Mom looks forward to Mother’s Day; a national celebration of women’s beauty and sacrifice. The mood is set, the …