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Season 5: Episode 515

Jason And Big Mo

Major-league offers seduce a talented ballplayer.

Season 5: Episode 514

Cry Uncle

Principal Kaufman (Michael Constantine) is a tangle of nerves when his wayward nephew comes to Walt Whitman. The boy is …

Season 5: Episode 513

I Didn’t Raise My Girl To Be A Soldier

Problems arise when a girl decides to join the Army ROTC in order to become a doctor against the wishes …

Season 5: Episode 512


A period of adjustment begins when students from an earthquake-damaged school are sent to Walt Whitman to continue their studies.

Season 5: Episode 511

El Greco To Jason

Jason falls in love and decides to quit school in order to get married.

Season 5: Episode 510

Here’s To The Boy Most Likely

A student turns to alcohol in order to escape from the building pressures at home and at school.

Season 5: Episode 509

Mismatch Maker

Alice finds herself in the middle when she encourages a student to become a poet despite his father’s wish that …

Season 5: Episode 508

Pi In The Sky

A math genius reprograms the school’s computer in order to get needed school supplies.

Season 5: Episode 507

Love Is A Many Splintered Thing

Alice falls for the widowed father of one of her students.

Season 5: Episode 506

Pete’s Protege

An enthusiastic student teacher is learning a tough lesson. He’s working so hard to be one of the kids that …

Season 5: Episode 505

Twenty-Five Words Or Less

An enterprising student has a novel way of earning money. He plans to make a life’s work of entering contests.

Season 5: Episode 504

No Island Is An Island

Liz and Pete try to help a Mexican boy who is too proud to ask for some needed help.

Season 5: Episode 503

Can Nun Be One Too Many?

Mr. Kaufman falls for a teacher who was once a nun.

Season 5: Episode 502

Of Smoke-Filled Rooms

One of the students decides to run for a seat on the Board of Education.

Season 5: Episode 501

I’ve Got The Hammer, If You’ve Got The Thumb

Elmo Thomas (Mike Warren) sees a bright career in baseball for himself after graduation and includes Jason in his plans …

Season 4: Episode 423

To Go With The Bubbles

Fame takes its toll on an Olympic swimming champion who’s finding it difficult to reconcile her new-found glory with her …

Season 4: Episode 422

The Noon Goon

Law and order: student views are the issue in this story about an officious campus guard whose inflexibility is infuriating …

Season 4: Episode 421

A Hairy Escape

When a student comes into a lot of money, the other students find themselves thinking of ways to spend it.

Season 4: Episode 420

Someone Special

A 12-year-old genius’s IQ can’t win him social acceptance.

Season 4: Episode 419

Fifteen Years And What Do You Get

A blend of headaches, hassles and a lot of love as students and faculty arrange a surprise party for principal …

Season 4: Episode 418

The Hand That Feeds

Pete tries to advise a student who doesn’t believe in any form of competition.

Season 4: Episode 417

Man, If You’re So Smart

Defiance of authority is a tough youngster’s method of proving himself.

Season 4: Episode 416

Rights Of Others

The plight of a young, unwed father-to-be.

Season 4: Episode 415

Pardon Me, Your Apathy Is Showing

A far-left revolutionary speaking on campus? The issue finds the principal caught between student demands and a conservative school board.

Season 4: Episode 414

The Nichols Girl

The mother of a student becomes upset when her son falls for a girl who doesn’t wear a bra.

Season 4: Episode 413

Mr. Wrong

The new teacher who came to the school to teach a course in poise and personality develops a crush on …

Season 4: Episode 412

Elizabeth Brown Is Failing

Senility is making a beloved instructor unfit to teach.

Season 4: Episode 411

Shoestring Catch

A student with intelligence, wit—and an ego damaged by repeated failure. Unless the teachers can get to the root of …

Season 4: Episode 410


The students become upset when a school faculty advisor begins to censor their stories for the school newspaper.

Season 4: Episode 409

Walt Whitman Goes Bananas

A student holds a banana-eating contest in order to attract summer job offers for the other students.

Season 4: Episode 408

You Don’t Know Me, He Said

Pete learns that one of his students is dying of leukemia.

Season 4: Episode 407

Lift, Thrust And Drag

Pete tries to interest some bored students in learning how to fly a plane.

Season 4: Episode 406

The Imposter

Pete tries to help a teacher who has been teaching without a degree or a license.

Season 4: Episode 405

Hands Across The Sea

Jason finds himself resenting a polished and well-mannered black student from England.

Season 4: Episode 404

And He’s Not Even Lovable

A bigoted father has to rethink his beliefs when his son is assigned to work on a school project with …

Season 4: Episode 403

Just Call Me Mr. Sahigmetsu

Consumers crusade against a crooked motorcycle dealer.

Season 4: Episode 402

I Wonder If January Will Ever Come Again?

Things in and around the school begin disappearing — including $20 from Alice’s wallet.

Season 4: Episode 401

A Little Flyer Than Most

Pete and his class enter the stock market in order to earn money for a new school intercom.

Season 3: Episode 322

The Quitter

character study of a swimming champ who’s itching to taste a bit more of life than the harsh rigors of …

Season 3: Episode 321

The Witch Of Whitman High

A new student pretends to be a witch to get attention.

Season 3: Episode 320

I Gave My Love

An elderly teacher is in danger of losing her position when she is charged with teaching students about the dangers …

Season 3: Episode 318

We Hold These Truths

A man attending night school citizenship classes destroys the political artwork of one of Alice’s students because he felt it …

Season 3: Episode 316

Where Is It Written

A student who wants to go to Harvard fails his entrance exams.

Season 3: Episode 315

House Made Of Dark Mist

The students try to help a boy who resents his Indian heritage.

Season 3: Episode 314

The Fading Of The Elegant Beast

Pete tries to do something to help the school’s Latin teacher, who is being replaced by a computer.

Season 3: Episode 313

They Love Me, They Love Me Not?

Pete and Alice visit the slums and teach the kids how to read.

Season 3: Episode 312

The Sins Of The Father

When a student’s famous dad becomes implicated in a political scandal, Pete tries to counsel him to avoid pre-judging his …

Season 3: Episode 311

What Is A Man

A male student is suspected of being homosexual, especially after he gets involved in the school dramatics club.

Season 3: Episode 310

Dixon’s Raiders

While investigating the allocation of school funds for Pete’s class project, a student uncovers a scandal in the cafeteria.

Season 3: Episode 309

Stay Awhile, Mr. Dream Chaser

Pete tries to encourage a substitute teacher who appears to hide behind his ability to entertain the class by impersonating …

Season 3: Episode 308

Who’s Benedict Arnold?

Someone in the school is spying for Principal Kaufman.

Season 3: Episode 307

Hail And Farewell

It’s bad enough that an exhausted Principal Kaufman decides to quit, but the staff learns that his replacement is a …

Season 3: Episode 306

Suitable For Framing

A fast-talking student is using the school and the students to further his own profit-making schemes and gets caught making …

Season 3: Episode 305

Hi, Dad

Tracking down some missing school records leads to an adopted boy who has concluded that Pete must be his biological …

Season 3: Episode 304

Welcome Back, Miss Brown

Pete tries to help a teacher who, while going through a divorce, is taking out her anger on the boys …

Season 3: Episode 303

America’s Guest

A very smart student does nothing but slide through life while getting bad grades.

Season 3: Episode 302

The Stutterer

A student video contains footage of a stuttering youth.

Season 3: Episode 301


A pompous city councilman arranges to have a radio station built at the school, but then has cause to regret …

Season 2: Episode 226

A Sort of Loving

With drugs becoming a big problem, the teachers set up a confidential “talk session” with the kids to help them …

Season 2: Episode 225

Laura Fay, You’re Okay!

Others tease a new girl about her good looks.

Season 2: Episode 224

If It’s Not Here, Where Is It?

A 19-year-old Vietnam veteran, who has returned to Walt Whitman to resume his education, has a lot of trouble fitting …

Season 2: Episode 223

You Can Take A Big Boy Out Of The Country But…

A rural-born transfer student finds an unlikely ally in Jason when the students poke fun at and take advantage of …

Season 2: Episode 222

I Hate You, Silas Marner

Alice allows the students to read Catch 22 instead of the book assigned by the Head of the English department, …

Season 2: Episode 221

Paul Revere Rides Again

A mysterious masked vigilante starts appearing on the rooftops of the school, showering people with (dry) garbage and leaving anti-litter …

Season 2: Episode 220

Hip Hip Hooray

Pete tries to avert a riot between his school and a rival school over the upcoming football game.

Season 2: Episode 219

The Last Full Moon

Charlie and Abbie have been married for 4 months, and finally decide to confide in Mr. Dixon who convinces them …

Season 2: Episode 218

Opportunity Room

Liz tries out an experimental teaching technique in which problem students tutor each other.

Season 2: Episode 217

The Long Honeymoon

A man-chasing woman leaves her son on his own.

Season 2: Episode 216

Mr. Boomberg

An overly demanding and severe teacher upsets the students at the school.

Season 2: Episode 215

How About That Cherry Tree

A black student is accused of forging a teacher’s signature on a scholarship application form.

Season 2: Episode 214


Pete tries to help a student who was mistakenly accused of cheating by a tough teacher.

Season 2: Episode 213

What Would We Do Without Bobbie

Everyone takes advantage of a blonde girl, and she becomes the best-looking girl at the school dance.

Season 2: Episode 212

Mel Wertz And The Nickel-Plated Toothpick

Walt Whitman student Mel must decide between finishing high school and his rock group when the Nickel Plated Toothpick is …

Season 2: Episode 211

The Valedictorion

A nonconformist challenges the graduation traditions.

Season 2: Episode 210

Dreams Of Glory

Pete tries to get a shy boy interested in karate in order to impress the girl he loves.

Season 2: Episode 209

Half Way

A prejudiced father tries to transfer his daughter to a private school in order to keep her away from the …

Season 2: Episode 208

The Fuzz That Grooved

The friendly cop on the beat is replaced by a tough no nonsense one who causes nothing but tension at …

Season 2: Episode 207

Only A Rose

A Jewish woman with no college background arrives at Whitman High to teach.

Season 2: Episode 206

Captain Of The Team

A bearded hippie and a clean-cut snob clash over their differing viewpoints on every subject, but they are both good …

Season 2: Episode 205

Choose One: And They Lived (Happily/Unhappily) Ever After

Kaufman chooses Pete for the administration training program.

Season 2: Episode 204

Adam’s Lib

Women’s lib comes into the school when a girl tries out for the varsity basketball team.

Season 2: Episode 203

The Lincoln Story

Acrimonious student debates ruin Pete’s chances for a teaching award.

Season 2: Episode 202

The Laughing Majority

The school “class clown” decides to run for student council president.

Season 2: Episode 201

Write On, Brother

Although their hearts are in the right place, Pete has to show the students putting out an underground newspaper that …

Season 1: Episode 126

Just Between Friends

Pete and Mr. Kaufman end up on opposite sides of a school overcrowding controversy caused by re-zoning.

Season 1: Episode 125

Funny Money

Pete tries to find a way to help students who have difficulty reading.

Season 1: Episode 124

The New Boy

Pete tries to help a problem student who is continually playing hookey from school and has just been transferred to …

Season 1: Episode 123

I Love You Charlie, I Love You Abbie

Two students plan to elope to Mexico and invite Pete and Liz along as the best man and maid of …

Season 1: Episode 122


Liz gets upset when one of Pete’s students constantly tags along with him even on their dates.

Season 1: Episode 121

The Whole World Can Hear You

A girl’s father pushes her into going to college, despite her not being smart enough.

Season 1: Episode 120

Once Upon A Time There Was Air You Couldn’t See

Whitman students Richie and Jason do their bit for clean air. As a history class project, the boys devise an …

Season 1: Episode 119

Goodbye, Mr. Hip

A teacher’s efforts to be hip doesn’t earn the students’ respect.

Season 1: Episode 118

Play It Loose

Liz is not pleased when a former student who is now a pop singing star returns to Walt Whitman High …

Season 1: Episode 117

Operation Sandpile

Mr. Kaufman tries to help a couple of female students, one who feels that the school is not properly educating …

Season 1: Episode 116

Arizona State Loves You

A football player tries to choose a college after completing high school.

Season 1: Episode 115

El Genio

When Alice learns that a very bright student of Mexican heritage is going to get married and get a job, …

Season 1: Episode 114

The Exchange Teacher

A teacher from England proves too progressive for Walt Whitman High.

Season 1: Episode 113

Seventeen Going On Twenty-Eight

A conniving student tries to take Pete away from Liz and keep him for herself.

Season 1: Episode 112

Clothes Make The Boy

Walt Whitman students challenge the school’s dress code, and a student’s father is forced to confront his indecisiveness.

Season 1: Episode 111

Alice In Bunderland

When she learns that a supervisor will be coming to review her work as a student teacher, Alice suddenly finds …

Season 1: Episode 110

Fathers And Sons

The father of a student blames Pete for the problems he has been having with his son.

Season 1: Episode 109

Triple Date

Jason becomes upset when the snobby parents of his latest girlfriend think he isn’t right for their daughter.

Season 1: Episode 108

Our Teacher Is Obsolete

The students try to get an elderly teacher to resign because they think she is too old.

Season 1: Episode 107

Teacher’s Dropping Out

Pete is offered a job with a corporation helping high school dropouts.

Season 1: Episode 106

First We’ll Eat, Then We’ll Strike

Pete is chosen to lead a teacher’s strike.

Season 1: Episode 105

The Flu

Walt Whitman teachers are levelled by the flu bug, and classes are combined and consolidated in order to prevent a …

Season 1: Episode 104

The Coat

Jason enters an art program and steals a coat so he can get his teacher to like him.

Season 1: Episode 103

Funny Boy

Pete tries to help a fat boy put his sense of humor to good use.

Season 1: Episode 102

Naked Came We Into the World

A shy student proposes a nude finale for the school follies.

Season 1: Episode 101

Richie’s Story

Pilot – Teacher Pete Dixon’s best student is from another district.