Soul Food

Based on the critically acclaimed 1997 film from writer/director George Tilman, Jr. the series “Soul Food” takes an honest, touching look at tradition and family life through the trials and tribulations of a tight-knit African-American family living in Chicago. Although the Joseph’s beloved matriarch, Mama Joe (Irma P. Hall) has passed away, she is still there in spirit and her words of wisdom resound through her grandson Ahmad (Aaron Meeks).

Maxine (Vanessa Williams, Raising Izzie), the middle Joseph sister, Ahmad’s mother and homemaker, is married to Kenny (Rockmond Dunbar, The Mentalist) a hard working and loving man working hard to provide for his family.

Bird (Malinda Williams, A Baby For Christmas), the youngest sister, is a feisty hair stylist married to ex-con Lem (Darrin Dewitt Henson, Being Mary Jane) who is trying to turn his life around.

Teri (Nicole Ari Parker, Rosewood) is eldest newly single sister who puts more into her high-profile law career than she does into her love life until she meets the handsome delivery man Damon (Boris Kodjoe, Real Husbands of Hollywood).

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Season 5: Episode 514

Don’t Think This Hasn’t Been Fabulous

In the series finale, Damon makes one final effort to win the love of Teri, who makes a surprising career …

Season 5: Episode 513

Fear Eats The Soul

Damon returns to Chicago to face Teri; Alliance makes Kenny an offer he can’t refuse; Lem collapses and is hospitalized.

Season 5: Episode 512

In The Garden

When Uncle Pete dies, Aunt Ruthie decides to move in with Teri; Bird is forced to tell her sisters and …

Season 5: Episode 511

Take It To The Limit

Bird’s sexual tryst with Malik is revealed to the entire family; Teri is uncomfortable with Charles’ relationship with his ex-wife; …

Season 5: Episode 510

Love Me Or Leave Me

Lem is stunned to find Bird with Malik; Teri and Charles struggle with the demands of her career on their …

Season 5: Episode 509

Successful Failure

The sisters have an explosive argument on Mama Joe’s birthday; as Bird and Lem drift further apart, they each find …

Season 5: Episode 508

Angelitos Negros

Teri agrees to spend the weekend at Charles’ cabin; Bird has an intimate encounter with Malik; Kenny’s brother reveals that …

Season 5: Episode 507

Survival Technique

Bird is kidnapped and Lem has 48 hours to save her – without anyone’s help; Maxine questions Amina’s influence on …

Season 5: Episode 506

A Rock Hard Place

Willie White continues pressuring Lem to hand over the goods on Baron; Teri makes a decision about her relationship with …

Season 5: Episode 505

Decisions And Choices

Brian comes to Teri’s rescue in more ways than one; Chadway Towing becomes the location for an adult movie; Ahmad …

Season 5: Episode 504

We Plan

Teri is surprised and not at all pleased when Damon’s mother arrives to take back her engagement ring; Maxine is …

Season 5: Episode 503

The Son Also Rises

Kenny’s brother visits with a request that reopens old family wounds; Willie White increases the pressure on Lem to roll …

Season 5: Episode 502

Two To Tango

Teri takes control of her obsession with Damon; Bird insults a local politician; Maxine pursues a celebrity educator to help …

Season 5: Episode 501

Pagan Poetry

An FBI agent talks to Lem in an attempt to catch up with Baron. Ahmad is a suspect for a …

Season 4: Episode 410

Falling From Grace

When Estella returns, wanting Mandel back, Teri begins to investigate her rights. Tobias is released from the hospital.

Season 4: Episode 409

Nobody’s Child

The Joseph sisters do their best to help Mandel when his mother leaves him at Maxine’s. When Cameron turns to …

Season 4: Episode 408

Sacrifice Fly

Damon finds himself at the center of a horrible and controversial sport tragedy. Kenny struggles with a damaged friendship, and …

Season 4: Episode 407

Attracting Opposites

Lem clashes with Baron Marks’ son. Meanwhile, Bird takes a surprising step with Eva when Teri catches Eva and Bird …

Season 4: Episode 406

My Brother’s Keeper

Damon gets Teri’s engagement ring which no one likes in the least. Meanwhile, Lionel stays with the Chadways, while Ahmad …

Season 4: Episode 405

Shades of Grey

Kenny takes on a mentally challenged employee at the shop. Meanwhile, Bird’s deepening friendship with Eva raises eyebrows. Also, Ahmad …

Season 4: Episode 404

Truth’s Consequences

A visit from Aunt Ruthie wreaks havoc in the girls’ lives. Meanwhile, Damon seeks help for his drinking problem. Ahmad …

Season 4: Episode 403

The New Math

Benny’s ex-girlfriend threatens to sue him for child support. Meanwhile, Teri tries to help a student. Also, Maxine and Kenny …

Season 4: Episode 402

Life 101

Bird is surprised to learn that she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Teri has a problem with living up to her reputation as …

Season 4: Episode 401

All Together Alone

Damon is arrested on drunken driving charges, and Teri tries to convince him to get help. Meanwhile, Lem discovers that …

Season 3: Episode 310

Emotional Collateral

Maxine works a little too closely with a troubled client at the shelter. Damon merges with a shady big deal …

Season 3: Episode 309

Big Dreams In Small Places

Bird wants to renovate Mama Joe’s house but her plans don’t sit too well with Teri and Maxine. Meanwhile, Ahmad …

Season 3: Episode 308

Let’s Do It Again

After seeing a marriage counselor, Kenny asks Maxine to renew their wedding vows. Bird makes presumptions about her new neighbors. …

Season 3: Episode 307

Child Safety

Ahmad witnesses a drug-related shooting, and the family fears for his life. Lem turns to Baron Marks to help protect …

Season 3: Episode 306

Stranger Than Fiction

Maxine asks Kenny to move back home. Bird shines in her makeover segment on “Chicago Update.” Teri struggles with loyalty …

Season 3: Episode 305

Empty Spaces

Kenny and Lem lock horns over a new business venture. Teri and Damon have problems defining their relationship. Ahmad is …

Season 3: Episode 304

Out With The Old

An old friend of Lem’s wants to go legit and asks Lem to help him do it. Bird enters the …

Season 3: Episode 303

Past Imperfect

Bird comes to terms with a secret past relationship she once had with her former high school teacher when he …

Season 3: Episode 302

Ultimate Power

An intruder in the Chadway home frightens Maxine into considering getting a gun which doesn’t sit well with Kenny. A …

Season 3: Episode 301

Tonight At Noon

Teri returns to her old law firm after being offered a position as managing partner by Katherine Burke, the head …

Season 2: Episode 220

This Must Be Love

Teri’s difficulties at work lead to her being fired. Kenny’s employees agitate for overtime pay. Ahmad sees a stripper.

Season 2: Episode 219

In Transition

Lem is drawn into a messy situation with his mother and her creepy ex-boyfriend. Teri searches for a decent therapist. …

Season 2: Episode 218

Lovers And Other Strangers

Teri’s panic attacks get worse. Kenny gets a city contract and a loan to expand his business. Lem and Bird …

Season 2: Episode 217


On their 13th wedding anniversary, Maxine discovers Kenny had an affair. Damon refuses to marry Christine despite her pregnancy and …

Season 2: Episode 216

A Taste Of Justice

Released from jail, but still under suspicion for burning down the store, Lem goes to his old friend, a drug …

Season 2: Episode 215

From Dreams To Nightmares

In her zeal to clear Lem of the arson charges, Teri makes matters worse. Damon starts handling a sports star …

Season 2: Episode 214

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Lem is arrested and charged with arson when the grocery store burns down on his last night as manager.

Season 2: Episode 213

Fly Away Home

Bird and Lem fight over a lucrative job offer that would have Bird traveling for six months. Teri tries to …

Season 2: Episode 212

Running As Fast As I Can

The family puts their support behind Maxine’s campaign for local public office.

Season 2: Episode 211

I’m Afraid of Americans

The neighborhood erupts into violence after police brutalize a Black man and members of the family are divided by the …

Season 2: Episode 210

Never Can Say Goodbye

The family must fight a lawsuit challenging their ownership of the grocery store. Ahmad’s coach is fired for emphasizing athletics …

Season 2: Episode 209

The Root

Lem’s decision to re-channel profits into the store causes family upheaval and disagreement. Ahmad is concerned about Teri’s panic attacks. …

Season 2: Episode 208

Life Lessons

Teri defends a sexual harassment suit against the law firm that rejected her while Ahmad pretends to have math problems …

Season 2: Episode 207

Games People Play

Teri’s budding romance with a high profile lawyer is tested when she finds herself opposing him in a heated court …

Season 2: Episode 206

Come Back For The Comeback

Faith shows up and asks Teri to defend her from the IRS while Kenny becomes dependent on painkillers. Damon loses …

Season 2: Episode 205

Sex And Money

Damon has an affair with Christine while Ahmad is caught selling pornographic tapes to schoolmates in order to make money …

Season 2: Episode 204

God Bless The Child

Lem’s mother shows up and starts making his life miserable while Teri begins to have panic attacks.

Season 2: Episode 203

Who Do You Know

Teri gets a surprise visit from her first husband while Ahmad battles with a school partner to complete a homework …

Season 2: Episode 202

Welcome Home

Kenny comes home and makes the family angry with unreasonable demands while Teri temporarily ends her relationship with Damon.

Season 2: Episode 201

The Aftermath

After trying to juggle her job and family, Teri quits the firm to help out more at home.

Season 1: Episode 120

Take Me To The Water

Teri decides to speak directly with the law firm partners about a promotion or leaving the firm. Ahmad struggles with …

Season 1: Episode 119

Clean And Present Stranger

Kenny’s father arrives and their past differences surface. An ex-convict friend of Lem’s arrives and takes advantage of his compassion …

Season 1: Episode 118

Everything Is Unfolding Perfectly

Maxine confronts her Alderwoman about a neighborhood problem and realizes the importance of getting involved in important community issues. Ahmad …

Season 1: Episode 117

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Lose

Having been passed over for partnership, Teri is determined to prevail in the airline lawsuit. Kenny finds himself attracted to …

Season 1: Episode 116

This Crazy Life

One of Bird’s customers holds her husband hostage at the salon along with Bird and Lem. After disobeying Maxine, Ahmad …

Season 1: Episode 115

Little Girl Blue

Teri catches the eye of one of Greene Norris’ most important clients, just as the firm decides whether she should …

Season 1: Episode 114

Nice Work If You Can Get It

After Hardy Lester has a heart attack, Lem agrees to manage the grocery store on his behalf. Separated from Lem, …

Season 1: Episode 113

Ordinary Pain

Teri, Maxine and Bird are shocked to discover that they have a half-sister (Tyra Banks), and that she wants to …

Season 1: Episode 112

The Language Of Life

Bird discovers that Lem has been lying about his employment status. Damon is offered a job as a German language …

Season 1: Episode 111

Man Trouble

Maxine gets the wrong idea when she finds a seemingly used condom in Ahmad’s pocket. Teri’s friendship with her colleague …

Season 1: Episode 110

Samurai Secrets

Jack becomes a huge problem for Lem. Maxine realizes that Kenny and Teri attended a concert together in high school …

Season 1: Episode 109

Anything You Can Do

Maxine mortgages her one-third ownership in Big Mama’s house to invest in an IPO; Lem uses some of his ill-gotten …

Season 1: Episode 108

Bad Luck

Maxine and Teri clash over the preparations for Ahmad’s 12th birthday party. Arrested while trying to purchase a bootleg video …

Season 1: Episode 107

Truth Be Told

Damon finally meets the rest of the Joseph family. Hardy Lester tries to avoid the court order awarding 50% ownership …

Season 1: Episode 106


Lem helps Kenny face some aggressive competition for his tow truck business and Teri meets Damon’s family. Meanwhile, Maxine makes …

Season 1: Episode 105

The Watermelon Theory

Teri defends a corporate racist and Ahmad is shocked to discover his father is not the master of his domain.

Season 1: Episode 104

What Women Want

Lem gets more deeply involved in the criminal life courtesy of Jack. Bird returns to the beauty salon to realize …

Season 1: Episode 103

The Heart Of The Matter

Maxine and her sisters continue to pursue the lawsuit for their father’s share of profits from an old business deal. …

Season 1: Episode 102

The More Things Stay the Same

The girls take their father’s business partner, Hardy Lester, to court. Lem takes dangerous measures to address his money problems …

Season 1: Episode 101

The More Things Change

The Joseph family tries to stay together as a family unit despite many problems.