The Graduates ATL

The Graduates: ATL follows a new batch of HBCU grads as they follow their passions and start their careers in Atlanta.  We’ll see how these recent grads adjust to life in the real world – in their jobs, friendships and relationships – as the try to stay true and achieve their dreams.

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Season 2: Episode 208

Is It About You? Or the Cause?

Mimi has a celebrity event to reveal the Autism Awareness Calendar. The winner of the fundraising wager is revealed, and …

Season 2: Episode 207

Bend But Don’t Break

The Graduates deal with the challenges and achievement of the entrepreneur. Niya secures a new client. Jarrett pumps the corporate …

Season 2: Episode 206

Make America Diverse Again

Berto and Jaaion host an event for Atlanta Mayoral candidate Caesar Mitchell. Ashley and Berto visit the MLK Museum. Jaaion …

Season 2: Episode 205

You’re All Business

Jarrett discusses the difference between corporate America and entrepreneurs. Ashley and Niya look for office space, and Berto works to …

Season 2: Episode 204

Who’s Your Daddy

Niya organizes an event at Top Golf to promote the mentoring group “Boys to Men.” Jaaion spends his daddy-daughter day …

Season 2: Episode 203

It’s Gettin’ Real

Mimi works on a calendar shoot to benefit autism, and the Graduates wager who can raise the most money. Jarred …

Season 2: Episode 202

First Comes Love

Berto invites all the Graduates to a poppin’ brunch. The group explores the myths and “rules” of relationships.

Season 2: Episode 201

Do I Know You? Meet the Graduates

Gathered at the Chef’s table, the Graduates introduce themselves, their schools and their careers. The conversation gets heated when they …

Season 1: Episode 108

Making A Difference

The group unites to give back to the community and hold a voter registration drive in Harlem. Can they pull …

Season 1: Episode 107

The Intervention

The group comes together to discuss their community service project idea but things quickly get heated between Ian and Kian.

Season 1: Episode 106

Living In Purpose

Some members of the group question if they are living in their true purpose. Herman connects with his mentor to …

Season 1: Episode 105

Dear Dad

Herman and Kian meet to shop and discuss Kian’s upcoming book. They both open up about their relationship with their …

Season 1: Episode 104

Six In the City

Kian is reeling from recent news and the four HBCU graduates ponder ways they can make an impact.

Season 1: Episode 103

Black Lives Matter

In light of recent shootings, the four HBCU graduates discuss the Black Lives Matter movement.

Season 1: Episode 102

The NYC Hustle

Kian and Chasity dive more into the ‘marriage and money’ discussion, and Brittney and Ian ponder their love lives.

Season 1: Episode 101

The Dinner Party

The six HBCU grads celebrate Kian’s wedding. Will Chasity ruffle feathers with her approach to how money works in a …