The Mod Squad

In “The Mod Squad,” three young outsiders fight crime as undercover agents for the police.

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Season 5: Episode 524

Cry Uncle

A Greek painter’s visit strangely coincides with a series of art thefts.

Season 5: Episode 523

The Night Holds Terror

A night of terror for Julie, trapped in a strange house with an escaped lunatic.

Season 5: Episode 522

Scion Of Death

A frustrating kidnap case: the hostage’s parents have been frightened into silence.

Season 5: Episode 521

Death In High Places

A cover-up in a construction-siter murder case leads the trio to two bad heavies.

Season 5: Episode 520

And Once For My Baby

An imaginative thief is planning a spectacular heist.

Season 5: Episode 519

Put Out The Welcome Mat For Death

Euthanasia or murder, that’s what the courts must decide as the trio investigates.

Season 5: Episode 518

Don’t Kill My Child

The father of a battered boy is the suspect in this drama about child beating.

Season 5: Episode 517

Run, Lincoln, Run

A cabby friend of Linc’s is obligated to loan sharks.

Season 5: Episode 516


An unmerry Christmas for a little girl whose father’s in trouble with thieves.

Season 5: Episode 515

The Twain

A Korean girl in a trouble-plagued search for her American father.

Season 5: Episode 514

Belinda – The End Of Little Miss Bubble Gum

A former child star is either accident prone or a killer’s target.

Season 5: Episode 513

Can You Hear Me Out There?

A stumper for the Squad: a car-theft operation somehow connected to broadcasts on a rock radio station.

Season 5: Episode 512


A policeman tries to nab a pusher who knows all the angles: he keeps beating the rap on technicalities.

Season 5: Episode 511

Crime Club

Kicks for high-IQ students: they turn their talents to crime.

Season 5: Episode 510

Another Final Game

Out-conning a master con man. That’s what lies behind Pete and Julie’s pose as wealthy young marrieds.

Season 5: Episode 509

Good Times Are Just Memories

A crooked cop murdered a confederate in crime and is pinning it on Pete.

Season 5: Episode 508

Gift For Jenny, A

A fur coat is the crux of a case involving kidnap and murder that has the squad baffled.

Season 5: Episode 507

Yesterday’s Ashes

Plastic surgery may be the key to the rehabilitation of a disfigured girl caught shoplifting.

Season 5: Episode 506

Taps, Play It Louder

A missing-person drama about a wounded Vietnam veteran who took the bus as far as home – then passed right …

Season 5: Episode 505


A hospital stay is prescribed for Julie when she becomes the target of syndicate undercover agents.

Season 5: Episode 504

Eyes Of The Beholder

Mixed emotions for Pete. He’s helping a once-blind girl while being stalked by a killer.

Season 5: Episode 503

The Thunder Makers

The Squad investigates when a youth joins a motorcycle gang, plots a fake payroll robbery of his father’s company and …

Season 5: Episode 502

The Connection (Part 2)

A search for a stolen-heroin drop concludes “The Connection.”

Season 5: Episode 501

The Connection (Part 1)

The trio go undercover after an international narcotics ring.

Season 4: Episode 424

Big George

A family man’s testimony against a killer results in a personal nightmare.

Season 4: Episode 423

Outside Position

A stableboy is framed on a narcotics charge by his employer.

Season 4: Episode 422

The Tangled Web

Lawbreaking good Samaritans – that’s Pete and Linc as they try to help a parolee return the jewelry he stole.

Season 4: Episode 421

Wild Weekend

A spoiled rich girl uses her jealous boyfriend to vent her own fury at her father’s control.

Season 4: Episode 420

The Cave

Madness and terror in the desert: Pete, Linc and Julie are trapped in a rat-infested mine; prisoners of a man …

Season 4: Episode 419

No More Oak Leaves For Ernie Holland

A Vietnam veteran who returns to the police force with hardline ideas about dealing with the enemy – in this …

Season 4: Episode 418


Pathos permeates this story about Julie’s growing attachment to a baby abandoned by a couple on a robbery and murder …

Season 4: Episode 417

Kill Gently, Sweet Jessie

The girlfriend of a paroled killer is expected to knock off Pete.

Season 4: Episode 416

Deal With The Devil

A war correspondent is involved in drugs and his fiancee is frightened for their future.

Season 4: Episode 415

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

A syndicate killer is Pete’s quarry but the gunman is also stalking Pete.

Season 4: Episode 414

Feet Of Clay

Linc becomes involved with a young deaf-mute marked for death after saving a guard in a warehouse fire.

Season 4: Episode 413

Death Of A Nobody

A hit and run murder send the trio looking at a friend of theirs.

Season 4: Episode 412

The Loser

Misfortunes have already overburdened Danny Morgan, and now someone is trying to kill him.

Season 4: Episode 411

And A Little Child Shall Bleed Them

A TV kiddie-show clown is marked for murder.

Season 4: Episode 410

Whatever Happened To Linc Hayes?

Flashbacks of the squad’s most harrowing cases heighten Linc’s bout with amnesia.

Season 4: Episode 409

Exit The Closer

A hot-shot used-car salesman, selling his soul for profit.

Season 4: Episode 408

The Poisoned Mind

Greer’s remorse over killing a robber begins a drama of romance and revenge.

Season 4: Episode 407

The Sands Of Anger

Dune buggy action in a drama about a possible murder. Filmed at Indian Dunes in Castaic, Cal.

Season 4: Episode 406

The Medicine Man

The Medicine Men weaves Julie into a bittersweet romance and blackmail.

Season 4: Episode 405

Color Of Laughter, Color Of Tears

The squad joins a circus plagued by trouble. A circus owner determined to open on schedule despite sabotage and murder …

Season 4: Episode 404


A drama of survival on a windswept California desert. Left to die: a blind hitchhiker and Julie, who’s been bitten …

Season 4: Episode 403

Home Is The Street

An ex-addict helps nail a cop killer: her father.

Season 4: Episode 402


Julie is shot accidentally by a mentally disabled boy.

Season 4: Episode 401

The Sentinels

Searching for a pair of murderers leads them to an ironic link between murder, a stolen car and a threatened …

Season 3: Episode 324

The Price Of Love

Linc’s vacation is cut short by a kidnaping case as he and a 10-year-old hostage are imprisoned in a ghost …

Season 3: Episode 323

We Spy

Assignment: expose an industrial espionage ring. Posing as a safe-cracker, Pete follows the erratic trail of his only lead: a …

Season 3: Episode 322

The Comeback

An aging boxer trying to stage a comeback in hopes of reaching his alienated son is having issues with the …

Season 3: Episode 321

Welcome To Our City

The young crime fighters tangle with a deadly loan shark as they try to help a broken-hearted farm boy find …

Season 3: Episode 320

A Double For Danger

Julie goes under cover to probe the death of a girl trying to unmask a narcotics czar.

Season 3: Episode 319

Is That Justice? No, It’s The Law

A frustrated policeman is focused on nabbing a drug pusher who keeps beating the rap on technicalities.

Season 3: Episode 318

Suffer Little Children

A minister playing hippie to find the men who murdered his brother and incriminated him in a theft sends the …

Season 3: Episode 317

The Hot, Hot Car

The squad begins an intense search for a stolen car – wired with a time bomb set to go off …

Season 3: Episode 316

A Bummer For R.J.

A disillusioned solid citizen becomes involved in the death of a hippie girl. He’s seeking the girl’s killer while his …

Season 3: Episode 315

Kicks, Incorporated

As the mastermind of an unusual business, Lerriko has his clients pay him to harass people and he employs a …

Season 3: Episode 314

Short Course In War, A

A campus demonstration may turn into a bloody conflict if a mentally disturbed student has his way.

Season 3: Episode 313

Is There Anyone Left In Santa Paula?

The squad investigates the death of an immigration officer who may have been responsible for illegal alien trafficking.

Season 3: Episode 312


Terrifying journey for Julie, a man who kidnaped his son forces her to drive them to Los Angeles, knowing both …

Season 3: Episode 311

The Judas Trap

The 17-year-old son of a Britsh Army officer is suspected of murdering his father. Pete learns that the slightly retarded …

Season 3: Episode 310

Time For Hyacinths, A

“A seafaring stranger enchants Julie. A secluded beach is the hauntingly appropriate setting for Julie’s attempts to unravel the mysterious …

Season 3: Episode 309

Far Away Place So Near, A

Linc probes the death of a friend reported killed in Vietnam. His suspicions are aroused by his pal’s last letter …

Season 3: Episode 308

Welcome To The Human Race Levi Frazee

Pete fights police brutality as he tries to help an Apache arrested for murder in a desert town.

Season 3: Episode 307

Just Ring The Bell Once

An 8 year old boy must live in an orphanage, even though his mother is still alive. She won’t sign …

Season 3: Episode 306

Search And Destroy

Tom Blake is a tough ex-cop who’s determined to find the person responsible for the narcotics-linked murder of his brother. …

Season 3: Episode 305

The Song Of Willie

When death threats are made against a black movie star, the suspect list is very long and his friends very …

Season 3: Episode 304

A Is For Annie

A crusading teacher Annie Crabtree, lectures on sex education have become a political football war.

Season 3: Episode 303

Who Are The Keepers, Who Are The Inmates

Linc feigns insanity to gain admittance to a private mental institution. Triggering his masquerade: the death of a friend who …

Season 3: Episode 302

See The Eagles Dying

A group of teens are out for thrills which involve skydiving and even murder. Pete must pretend to be another …

Season 3: Episode 301

The Long Road Home

After a young woman is injured during a robbery chase, Pete is chagrined to find out that she is the …

Season 2: Episode 226

The Loser

A terrible hit and run car accident sends Linc, Pete and Julie searching for the car and driver.

Season 2: Episode 225

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

A producer begins filming a movie with a script by an anonymous author. Subject of the film: a long-forgotten unsolved …

Season 2: Episode 224

Call Back Yesterday

A former girlfriend draws Pete into her family’s business problems and helps set up a reunion with his own mother.

Season 2: Episode 223

Return To Darkness, Return To Light

Linc does a lot of soul searching concerning his feelings about a woman’s fiancĂ©, who he suspects isn’t on the …

Season 2: Episode 222

A Time For Remembering

“Beau Graves is released from prison after the trio put him there two years ago. Pete is trying to decide …

Season 2: Episode 221

Deadly Sin

The daughter of a syndicate leader is in her postulancy as a nun. Julie takes on the assignment of entering …

Season 2: Episode 220

Mother Of Sorrow

A fraternity brother of Pete’s is implicated in the brutal murder of a young girl. Psychological analysis comes into play …

Season 2: Episode 219

Survival House

A recovering drug addict named Billy for unknown reasons refuses to defend himself when he is charged with rape of …

Season 2: Episode 218

The Exile

A middle eastern prince becomes the love interest of Julie, only she doesn’t know who he is, or that the …

Season 2: Episode 217

Town Called Sincere, A

Pete and Linc try to rid a town of motorcyclists who have launched a reign of terror to find out …

Season 2: Episode 216

King Of Empty Cups

Secrecy and compassion are called for as the squad ministers to the runaway and drug-addicted daughter of the chief.

Season 2: Episode 215

Sweet Child Of Terror

Disturbed handyman kidnaps the daughter of his employer, believes that Julie is the daughter. Ends in a showdown.

Season 2: Episode 214

The Debt

Janos Kovacs feels that he owes Howard Sanders a debt, and not a friendly one either.

Season 2: Episode 213

Never Give The Fuzz An Even Break

Con artist Admiral Nathaniel Johnson takes on the trio and teaches them the art of the con. They comply and …

Season 2: Episode 212

In This Corner – Sol Alpert

Tenants revolt against a racist slum lord and threaten the wrong person. Trio confronts the slum lord to no avail, …

Season 2: Episode 211


Asa Lorimer, a quack doctor who caused the death of Linc’s friend. The squad tries to put him out of …

Season 2: Episode 210

A Place To Run A Place To Hide

“Pete and Linc enroll in an exclusive college to probe the death of a student. Implicated in the mystery: the …

Season 2: Episode 209

The Death Of Wild Bill Hannachek

Julie poses as a singer at a Country Western bar to find out the real reason behind Wild Bill Hannachek’s …

Season 2: Episode 208

Willie Poor Boy

An illerate small time crook gets caught when he can’t read the sign warning of danger. The squad rallies to …

Season 2: Episode 207


A black student is murdered on campus and students blame the police. Linc has only a short time to solve …

Season 2: Episode 206


Linc, Julie and Pete have been assigned to protect a writer. Unfortunately they don’t know that this writer suffers from …

Season 2: Episode 205

To Linc With Love

“Linc’s new love is evasive and secretive about her past which places a strain on their budding relationship.”

Season 2: Episode 204

Ride The Man Down

Pete tries to help a young woman and winds up the chief suspect in a murder. The team sets out …

Season 2: Episode 203

An Eye For An Eye

A narcotics gang kidnaps Greer’s girlfriend, widow of an FBI agent. In trade they want squealer Crowley who is testifying …

Season 2: Episode 202

My Name Is Manolete

Thieves send a little boy to do the stealing and reap the rewards. Manolette runs away and the trio help …

Season 2: Episode 201

The Girl In Chair Nine

A clairvoyant’s prediction about a missing college student leads to an illegal abortion ring.

Season 1: Episode 126

A Seat By The Window

The trio splits up onto three tour buses to find the killer of a man found at a bus station.

Season 1: Episode 125

Peace Now – Arly Blau!

The son of a General who is serving in Vietnam has been convicted of dodging the draft and is serving …

Season 1: Episode 124

Captain Greer Calls Surgery

Greer thinks a series of hospital drug robberies are inside jobs. The trio poses as hospital staff to solve this …

Season 1: Episode 123

Keep The Faith, Baby

Suspended for his ghetto activities, a militant priest ignores death threats – until a youth catches a bullet intended for …

Season 1: Episode 122

Child Of Sorrow, Child Of Light

Julie poses as an unwed mother to infiltrate an extortion racket that blackmails parents of adopted babies.

Season 1: Episode 121

A Run For The Money

Pete falls for Ginny, who believes her jailed father is innocent of robbery.

Season 1: Episode 120

Reign of Guns

Pete and Linc worm their way into the confidence of a bigot stealing rifles and ammunition for a private army …

Season 1: Episode 119

The Uptight Town

A racist town tries to pin a murder on a black man who had nothing to do with it.

Season 1: Episode 118

A Hint Of Darkness, A Hint Of Light

Blind author Jenny Wills is viciously attacked on the beach by an unknown assailant, who makes repeated attempts on her …

Season 1: Episode 117

Fear Is The Bucking Horse

Far West Acres is Western Rodeo where the squad is sent to protect former TV Cowboy star Billy Kilgore from …

Season 1: Episode 116

Shell Game

“Linc and Pete join a gang of young thieves who specialize in robbing warehouses – under the tutelage of two …

Season 1: Episode 115

Flight Five Doesn’t Answer

Mob assassins force a plane to crash, stranding Greer, Linc, and Pete and a government witness in the desert. All …

Season 1: Episode 114

Hello Mother, My Name Is Julie

Julie’s mother comes to visit her and tell her that she is getting married again. Trouble is her new husband-to-be …

Season 1: Episode 113

Sunday Drivers

Linc is convinced that the death of his friend, Tommy Salido, a stunt-driver was not accidental. The trio investigates and …

Season 1: Episode 112


Posing as hippies the trio investigate the bombing of an underground paper, resulting in murder.

Season 1: Episode 111

Twinkle Twinkle Little Starlet

The trio is planted in an acting community to find out who is killing the young starlet wannabes.

Season 1: Episode 110


Pete’s cousin Karen turns to kidnapping to gain her parents attention after they are distracted by the new baby.

Season 1: Episode 109

The Quiet Weekend In The Country

An ex-convict tells Greer that drug pushers will be meeting at a rural trailer camp.

Season 1: Episode 108

Price Of Terror

The squad searches for the assailant behind the attempts on Greer’s life, leading to the kidnapping of Julie in exchange …

Season 1: Episode 107

Find Tara Chapman

Unaware she has contagious meningitis, a singer who witnessed a mob murder flees the hospital.

Season 1: Episode 106

A Time To Love, A Time To Cry

After an LSD trip, photographer Robbie Larson wakes up beside the dead body of one of his models.

Season 1: Episode 105

You Can’t Tell The Players Without A Programmer

A computer dating agency sets up to find very wealthy women and send out a young stud to rip them …

Season 1: Episode 104

When Smitty Comes Marching Home

A Vietnam veteran awakens on the beach beside the body of his Army nemesis. Linc helps his old friend figure …

Season 1: Episode 103

My What A Pretty Bus

Julie, Pete and Linc get invited to take part in a counterfeiting scheme by an ex-con, who doesn’t know they …

Season 1: Episode 102

Bad Man On Campus

Pete, Linc and Julie work undercover in a high school to break up a juvenile car theft ring.

Season 1: Episode 101

The Teeth Of The Barracuda

The daughter of a California governorial candidate is caught with drugs and is blackmailed.